How To Write Project Brief

How To Write Project Brief:

Project Brief will help you to define and understand better the goals and the objectives of the project.

The Design Information

    • Full name of the company which will be used in the logo.
    • Is there an idea or unique story behind your business or business name?
    • Official website of the company( if you have any ).
  • Do you have a specific budget?

The Product

    • Description of your goods/services
    • Target audience (main characteristics of your consumers)
    • Who are your competitors (please, write the names or the sites of these companies)
  • Benefits of your goods/services

The Objectives

  • What goals should be achieved by making a new logo design? (to update the company image, to increase brand popularity, to bring to a market a new product or others)
  • The main message that should be brought to the consumer (“we are innovation company”, “you can trust us”, “we are the market leaders”, “prestigious brand”, “high quality and attention to details”)
  • What values describe your company that should be incorporated in the design language? (feminine / masculine, young / mature, luxury / economical, modern / classic, simple / complex, playful / serious)
  • Share few adjective or words, that best describe your company (e.g. dependable, smart, strong, unique, fun, etc.)
  • Where will your logo mainly be used? (Print, Merchandise, Web, Video, etc.)

The Style

    • Your preferences for the type of logo (typography / text only, sign + typography, letters / initials, character / mascot)
    • Send us few of your favorite brand marks with the specification of the details (composition, color, typography, idea or others)
    • Color spectrum (preferred colors and unwanted colors)
  • Images, graphics that should be avoided

The Supplements

    • Please, write extra information that can help us in the logo design
  • Do you have a mood board or a specific idea/imagery in mind for the logo?

Let’s Start to Work on Your Project!

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