Hello there!

My name is Lev Bilykivski. I’m a Graphic Designer within the field of Logo Design. I work in a clean, minimalist graphic design style. I improve the existing company Logo or Design New One!

My passion is logos.
I like the conciseness and simplicity in them. And at the same time originality which stands out from the logo among the competitors and makes it recognizable.
I like to look for a solution to the task in each following project.
Most of my logos are created in a minimalist style. Simple logo shapes should convey the main message of the company, the startup, the brand. The logo should not be overloaded with forms, information, color, content. The logo should be light.
Minimalism is a philosophy that I use not only in design but also in everyday life – actions, goals, words, thoughts, and organization of the work process.

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