2016 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

2016 Logo Trends Report

Logo Design Trend Reports:

Logo Trends of 2016 Summary

  • Simplification overall is a key trend
  • Uncomplicated san serif fonts are in and out are added details (gradients, serifs, etc)
  • Geometric shapes, especially the circle are taking center stage.
  • Emojis and symbols are playing an even bigger role in today’s society, and could even soon be considered a language.
  • Keywords on the rise: fitness, green, health, modern, clean, sans-serif, water, mountains, locator, pin, tea, non-profit, real estate, brewery, culture, museum, birds.
  • Keywords decreased: vintage, law, sports, baking, entertainment, video games, technology, food, ministry,
  • New styles taking center stage: Ombre, Circles, Half & Half, Linked, Stimming, Dog Eared, Corners, Line Dash, Off Shift, Curls, Pocket Shield, Slices, Letterblock, Benders, Bars,
  • Rising Trends: Spot Pics, Wide Logos, Tinker Toys, Filters, Dumbbells.

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2016 Logo Design Trends Forecast

“2016 Logo Design Trends Forecast», published in justcreative blog, with a forecast that the industry expects logo in 2016.

The art and science of logo design are continuously changing as businesses can now engage consumers in an increasing number of digital channels. The frequency of engagement is increasing at a rapid rate, while the quality of engagement has become more inclusive, more personal. Continue reading