2016 Logo Design Trends & Inspiration

2016 Logo Trends Report

Logo Design Trend Reports:

Logo Trends of 2016 Summary

  • Simplification overall is a key trend
  • Uncomplicated san serif fonts are in and out are added details (gradients, serifs, etc)
  • Geometric shapes, especially the circle are taking center stage.
  • Emojis and symbols are playing an even bigger role in today’s society, and could even soon be considered a language.
  • Keywords on the rise: fitness, green, health, modern, clean, sans-serif, water, mountains, locator, pin, tea, non-profit, real estate, brewery, culture, museum, birds.
  • Keywords decreased: vintage, law, sports, baking, entertainment, video games, technology, food, ministry,
  • New styles taking center stage: Ombre, Circles, Half & Half, Linked, Stimming, Dog Eared, Corners, Line Dash, Off Shift, Curls, Pocket Shield, Slices, Letterblock, Benders, Bars,
  • Rising Trends: Spot Pics, Wide Logos, Tinker Toys, Filters, Dumbbells.

On the topic of trends, please don’t follow trends for trends sake. Know what is right for your client and design accordingly.


Stepped color increments

Ombre Logo Trend


Unadulterated simplification in the form of a circle or a series of circles.

Circles Logo Trends

Half & Half

Splitting colors into two for dimensional effect.

Half Half Logo Trend


Gives depth & perspective by intertwining elements.

Linked Logo Trend


A never ending continuous loop.

Stemming Logo Inspiration

Dog Eared 

A container with a corner folded over or trimmed.

Dog Eared Logo Trend


Right angled corners either by themselves or to frame.

Corners Logo Trend

Line Dash

Mono-lines combined with mono-lined dots or dashes to create texture and/or meaning.

Line Dash Logo Trend

Off Shift

Offsetting letterforms out of alignment.

Offshift Logo Trend


Engaging curved visual shapes overlapping.

Curls Logo Trend

Pocket Shield

A simplified shield shape with right angled corners at the base.

Pocket Shield Logo Trend


Cross sectional perspective created with dimensional shapes.

Slices Logo Trend


Letters within a block, often with balance between positive & negative space.

Letterblock Logo Trend


Ambiguously twisted shapes.

Benders Logo Trend


Rhythm created with lines and/or bar shapes.

Logo Bar Trend

2016 Logo Trend Close Contenders

Below are some sub logo trends from 2016.

  • Spot Pics – Icons or graphics inside a circle. eg. TNT
  • Wide Logos – Horizontally wide logos. eg. Oculus and HP
  • Tinker Toys – Wires and dot wires combined. eg. Think Geelong
  • Filters – Grid of dots or symbols to create  a shape. eg. FitBit
  • Dumbbells  – Overlapping forms to create a shape.
2016 Sub Logo Trends

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